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I am terrible at updating this thing. I’d say I’ll get better, but I probably won’t, let’s face it.

February was not a good writing month for me. Life took over as it often does, and I wrote hardly anything. But it’s March now, and so that gives me an excuse to forget February and have a really productive March instead. I’m still plodding on with the cowboys story, which I think now has a name, possibly. *shifty eyes* Since I haven’t looked at it for a week or so, I’ve been reading it over, and I’ve decided to post some snippets, to keep me motivated. Now, bear in mind that they’re first draft snippets, but for all that I think they’re pretty clean draft-wise, and I’m fairly certain both scenes will make it into the final draft in some form or another. I apologise in advance for any typos or awkwardness – I can’t see any, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. These have not had the fine-tooth comb treatment.

So, some scene setting: Australia, present day. Our first hero is Michael, a vet from Sydney who has decided to move to the country to start a new life. Here he meets our second hero, Ryan, an ex-mounted policeman who is back on his family’s cattle farm after a few years away for family reasons. Ryan has stock horses now that he’s not a copper anymore, and competes with them with an eye to building himself a nice little stud farm with his prize-winning mares.

In this first snippet, Michael’s sister Jen is visiting him, and Ryan has invited them to the farm, ostensibly so that Jen’s horse-mad son can look at his horses, but really so that he can spend some time looking at Michael. Natch.

In which Jen and Michael endure The Wiggles


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