A collection of some of the reviews for my books. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to review my work, I really appreciate it.

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Reviews for Truce

Fun short story about two rock stars in opposing camps. The passion between the two is explosive…If you like short stories with main characters who clash and fight, only to find out there may be a more entertaining way to pass the time, if you enjoy reading about rock stars and their bands, and if you’re looking for a short, hot story with a lot of promise for more, you will probably like this one. Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews


Reviews for Whitewater

I loved both Luke and Cam and their love of life… The secondary characters were awesome especially Lindsay.  I found the way that Ms Shayne used the two chef’s foods to match their personalities was a stroke of genius… The fact that Luke and Cam’s relationship grew over time on a slow burn made reading this story even more special to me… The HEA ending that Ms Shayne pulled off sealed the deal perfectly.  I recommend this book highly to the romantic in everyone. (5 stars) Don at Hearts on Fire Reviews


I thought this story was wonderful. The slow build of Luke and Cam’s relationship brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. Luke’s disability was presented in a very realistic way, showing both the pain and frustration associated with it. There was just enough angst in the story and the romance was delightful… Highly recommended. (5 stars) Slashsessed Reviews


So this is a fun, sweet story that I really enjoyed. I loved the way Shayne incorporates the great sense of place in this Australian beach town.  And I really enjoyed Cam and Luke together and found them sweet and charming. And I especially loved all the cooking details and the way it is so nicely infused into the story.  So I liked this one a lot and think it is great for a quick, light read (4.5 stars Jay at Joyfully Jay


I usually shy away from novellas… Whitewater seems to have beaten the odds. It’s only 117 pages, but I feel as though I’ve read an entire novel. The characters are remarkably well-rounded and the story moves at a comfortable pace. Even the lack of on page sex was a positive for me, as it simply wasn’t needed. Their romance developed slowly and transitioned into something neither of them expected. Recommended. (4.25 stars) Andrea at Reviews by Jessewave


Reviews for Metal Heart

I’ve talked before in reviews about how characters just either have chemistry or they don’t. In this case, it was explosive right from the start… I loved this book…  I read this through in almost one sitting… I’d recommend this book without hesitation to anyone, but especially those that like books involving rock stars. It’s entertaining and addicting and will make you want to turn up your music really loud and swish your hair around. (4.75 stars) Amy at Joyfully Jay


Metal Heart brought out all kinds of emotions in me, if you follow me on twitter and Goodreads then you already know this. There is something very charming about the story, and refreshing about the characters that I just fell in love with… I cried while yelling at this book…  I loved the rockers, loved all the angst, and I loved Scott/Ash. The writing had such a wonderful flow; I could have easily read another hundred pages. (4.5 pants off) DarienMoya at Pants Off Reviews


Metal Heart is one of the better rocker romances I’ve read. The cast of characters were great. I love Scott and Ash, flaws and all. The other band members helped to balance them out and kept it real. My favorite side characters were Scott’s sister and niece. It was fantastic to see two strong women portrayed in such a positive way. Their love and support of Scott added so much to the story. They made it bigger and better. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good rocker romance. (4.25 stars) Andrea at Reviews by Jessewave


I love a good rocker book and Metal Heart is terrific… this author delivers a vibrant, enthusiastic portrait of young rockers, love and the price of fame to life in Metal Heart, and then leaves us with the promise that sometimes love is enough, even after 16 years apart… this story will please fans of rock n roll stories and bad boys with music to burn as well as those of romantic lovers reunited at long last. (4.25 stars) Melanie at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


 There’s a lot to like about this story about a record producer reuniting with his former bandmates. The story is cleanly written with well drawn characters that resonates with the reader…the writer did succeed in making me care for Scott even when I wanted to wring his neck at times and for the more sympathetic but still  sometimes stubbornly uncommunicative Ash…it’s still a very good rocker story that I enjoyed quite a bit. (4 stars) Yvonne at Hearts on Fire Reviews


Reviews for Equilibrium and Tinsel & Dust


One of the strongest elements in this novel is the well developed background to this romance between a drug stressed vet looking for a healthier way of life and a farm-loving horseman. The contrast between Sydney and Burreela is full of vibrant detail; the clubs and bars as opposed to the small town market, livestock farming, the dust and dirt of the countryside. There is no way to mistake that this is firmly rooted as an Aussie experience. (3.75 stars) Raine at Reviews by Jessewave


This was a very nice novel above all for the outskirts feeling… I liked the feeling of the story, it was slow paced but nice, Michael and Ryan meet but don’t immediately fall in bed… Michael will understand that his self-imposed exile is also his safe-shelter, and that there is nothing in the big city that he cannot find in small town, on the contrary, small town has more options for him than any other place in the world. Elisa Rolle


Tinsel and Dust

I felt that this was an almost seamless addition to the original book… The detailed writing flowed easily and was again nicely atmospheric. I enjoyed revisiting these characters and didn’t find the holiday setting contrived or superfluous, rather the general good spirits helped bring the two guys closer together after the trauma of the earlier book. (4 stars) Raine at Reviews by Jessewave


Reviews for Eyes Wide Shut and Rust Red: Galvanized

Eyes Wide Shut

I enjoyed this well-written short, with two likable protags and secondary cast members with whom we spend time… There’s quite a bit packed into the 28 pages— character development, smexxin, some action, angst — and I found the inclusion of the prejudices against the Australian Aborigines that still exist in that country interesting and sad… A good story as part of this collection, and recommended to readers of the genre. (4.25 stars) Aunt Lynn at Reviews by Jessewave


Rust Red: Galvanized

…I also loved the taste of the small town and the life of the doctors who visit aboriginal villages to offer medical care. In case I wasn’t clear, this is set in Australia and it’s a really nice touch, giving  you a taste of life outside of the big cities. I really enjoyed this follow-up… I liked the author’s voice, and those who enjoyed the first one will equally enjoy this glimpse at the guys. (B) Tam at Brief Encounters Reviews

I found this sequel to Eyes Wide Shut quite enjoyable… The Australian setting was refreshing. I thought Adam and Chris had great chemistry and cared deeply about each other. The supporting characters helped enhance the plot particularly in reference to Adam’s character… Overall a very delightful read that held my interest. ARe Cafe Recommended Read


Reviews for Reasonable Force

A story that surprised me with it’s minimal style. With pretty much no exposition, this story gives lots of clues but little fact, which I enjoyed… But that style of storytelling lets the reader’s imagination become more active in the story… The two have a very strong connection to one another, and that came through very much in my reading of the story. Their sex scenes together were quite steamy… I’d recommend this one and I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it as I did! (A-) Cole at Brief Encounters Reviews


I very much liked the character of Daniel and empathised greatly with his grief and how he used his aggressive behaviour to deal with that. I also liked that the relationship between Daniel and Korim wasn’t something that was wrapped up in a neat bow, but we are left with the promise of things to come – an ideal ending for such a short story, especially one packed with so much detail as this. Jenre at Reviews by Jessewave


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