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I’m off to Canada for a week to attend a conference for work. I travel internationally a lot, and mostly for work, so I’ve got my routine down pat now. Everything’s packed, I’ve cleaned the house (I’m not a neat freak, but I really really hate coming home from overseas to a house that needs cleaning – the last thing I want to do when I get off a 14-hour flight is vacuum, let me tell you), so all that’s left to do now is have a shower and leave.

It’s meant to be rainy and cold in Canada next week, which makes it hard to leave sunny old New Zealand, especially since New Zealand is not sunny very often. But this time next week I’ll be back, so it’s a whirlwind tour.

I’ve got 200 books loaded onto my eReader for the in-transit time – what’s the bet that I’ll scroll through 20 pages of books and not be able to find a single thing to read?


Intangibleland does it again

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Once again I state for the record that I love Intangibleland, and also the 1970s. Once again, the intersection of these two things has given us comedy gold.


Art imitates life

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After the Christchurch earthquake, a lot of people in Auckland said things like, “We won’t have to deal with earthquakes up here, for us it’ll be lava/eruptions/a new volcano.”

This would invariably be followed by laughter, because lava is hilarious, don’t you know. Oh yes. HILARIOUS.

Couldn’t see the joke, myself. But I am fairly humourless when it comes to molten rock and poisonous ash clouds. Surprise!

Anyway. There is a mini-movie on TV tonight that is guaranteed to fuel my paranoia about Auckland volcanoes. It’s called ERUPTION.

Totally taping it. Obviously.

Reviews and a Top Pick readers poll

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Ugh, I’m sick. Finally all the viruses and colds that have been circulating the building at work have caught up with me. Typically, I’m sick on the weekend and not during the week when I could take sick leave. Annoying.

What’s not annoying is that Eyes Wide Shut has been getting some nice reviews around the place, and that makes me very happy.

At Reviews by Jessewave, Lynn gave it 4.25 out of 5, and said, “I enjoyed this well-written short, with two likable protags and secondary cast members with whom we spend time (Carol, Adam’s nurse, and Sally, an FRDS pilot). There’s quite a bit packed into the 28 pages— character development, smexxin, some action, angst — and I found the inclusion of the prejudices against the Australian Aborigines that still exist in that country interesting and sad, with a very minor sub-plot around Sally, who has an Aboriginal mother.”

Tam from Tam’s Reads, who’s reading all the charity sips this year, says about EWS, “Another nice story set in another location. I felt for Adam as he coped with being a dirty little secret.”

And finally, Penny from Blackraven’s Reviews rated EWS 5 ravens, and said, “Ms. Shayne has done a great job of making the characters in her story come to life and seem very real. It is easy to understand Chris’ reluctance to come out while working in the male dominated mining industry but it is also easy to see how this affects Adam too.”

I woke up this morning to find that because of its 5 ravens rating, Eyes Wide Shut is actually a Top Pick of the Week at Blackraven’s reviews, so yay to that. Readers actually get to choose their favourite book of the week from those Top Picks, so there’s a poll HERE where people can vote. Not that I’m suggesting that anyone go over and vote for EWS or anything, that would be crass of me and I am absolutely above that. *cough* 😉

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