Rust Red: Galvanized is out

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Rust Red: Galvanized is finally out, yay! It’s available at the Torquere Press website and All Romance ebooks, and I hope you enjoy it.

Torquere Press release party at TRS

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Torquere Press is having a September release party over at The Romance Studio’s party website, and since Rust Red: Galvanized is released tomorrow (woo!), I am participating.

Since I am also full of the giveaway love, I’m also running a competition to win a copy of Rust Red: Galvanized. As always, everyone who comments on one of my posts over there (currently here and here) will go into the draw to win a copy. And since Rust Red: Galvanized is a sequel to Eyes Wide Shut, if the winner doesn’t already have a copy of Eyes Wide Shut I’m going to throw that in as well.

Just one more thing…FYI, you might have seen the excerpts I’m using before, around and about the place. I’ve been talking about the book a bit, you see, and I can’t use the whole thing for excerpts, otherwise no one will buy the thing. At least if you comment you can possibly win one and get to read the rest of it!


Competition links and Eyes Wide Shut at Smashwords

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The competition to win a copy of Rust Red: Galvanized is still going on at the Torquere Social LJ; if you comment on any of my posts, which are here, here, here and here, you’ll go in the draw to win. I’ll do that tomorrow so that everyone in the Southern Hemisphere has a chance to stick their oar in too.

Eyes Wide Shut is now out of print at Torquere, but since it would be ridiculous of me to let a rights-reverted manuscript gather dust on my hard drive when there’s a sequel to it coming out in a few days, I’ve put it up for sale at Smashwords here, with a snazzy new cover designed by LJ LaBarthe, because she is a lifesaver who is sadly all too used to my last-minute ways. Hopefully some people will find that useful, since I’ve spent practically the entire day uploading files, fiddling with the cover image, and changing links, and now I’m cross-eyed and exhausted.

Competition to win Rust Red: Galvanized

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I am over at the Torquere Social livejournal today, talking about my upcoming release, Rust Red: Galvanized. Everyone who comments on one of my posts there gets to go into the draw to win a copy of the book once it’s released next Wednesday. I hope to see you there!

Dreamspinner sale at ARe and Equilibrium sequel

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From September 15-30, All Romance ebooks are offering a 25% rebate on all Dreamspinner titles. The rebate comes in the form of ebook bucks, ARe’s in-store currency, which get credited to the customer’s account. If you click on the banner above you’ll get to all Dreamspinner’s titles; if you want to pick up a copy of Equilibrium, you can go here. 🙂

Speaking of Equilibrium, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve sold a short story that’s a mini-sequel to Equilibrium. It’s a Burreela-based Christmas story called Tinsel and Dust, and it will be out in December, just in time for Christmas. 🙂

Coming soon: Rust Red: Galvanized

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This time next week, I will be in America. This time in 3 weeks, I will still be in America and yet the world will be filled with sunshine and puppies and rainbows, because my Torquere Press Color Box will be out. Woo hoo! As my subject line implies, it’s called Rust Red: Galvanized, and you have no idea how difficult it is for me not to type “my Torquere Colour Box, Rust Red: Galvanised” every time I talk about it.

Seriously, America, you kill me with your Zs all over the place and your lack of Us where Us should be, you really do. As if me facing another 6 weeks of driving on the wrong side of the road wasn’t bad enough, you also have to curb my natural inclination to spell properly.

Joking, Americans! I love your country. You have Junior Mints.

Anyway. The new book is a novella of about 17,000 words, give or take, that continues the story of Adam and Chris, who we met in Eyes Wide Shut. The cover art and an unedited blurb are below the cut.

Continue Reading Coming soon: Rust Red: Galvanized…

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