Driving the bus today

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I’m hosting the LJ comm today. So far we’ve had a snippet from my latest, Eyes Wide Shut, and now we’re talking about my hate-on for Vegemite, and the floor is open for discussion of typical regional foods that you’re supposed to love but really hate (e.g., VEGEMITE, EW). I’ve got a couple more posts planned throughout the day, so come on over if you fancy a chat. Everyone who comments over there today goes into a draw to win a $5 Torquere gift voucher, so you’ve got to love that.


New release day: Charity Sip Blitz

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Today sees the release of the Charity Sip Blitz stories from Torquere Press. Every year during their birthday month, Torquere release a clutch of stories on a particular theme, benefitting a particular charity chosen by Torquere authors. All the royalties from the stories sold get donated, and Torquere match the donations as well. Past charities chosen for the Sip Blitz include the Matthew Shepard Foundation and various GLBT legal organisations. This year’s Blitz charity is Doctors Without Borders, and so the theme of this year’s Sips is Healing Hearts. 🙂

I’ve posted an unofficial blurb for my story, Eyes Wide Shut, before, but here’s the official one:

Adam Taylor liked working for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He didn’t even mind the tiny outback town in Western Australia where he was based. If the downside was doing the regular clinic at the Mount Keith nickel mine where his mining engineer ex-boyfriend Chris Barker worked, well, he’d coped with worse. When a visit from Chris leads to an unexpected encounter, Adam can’t help but hope for things to get back on track.

If Chris couldn’t keep away from Adam, the least he could do was make sure that his redneck workmates never found out. It was better for everyone that way. At least, that’s what he’d thought, until Adam got caught in a mine cave in and Chris thought he was dead. After that, being outed didn’t seem so important anymore. Chris just hoped he’d get a chance to tell Adam that.

Now that it’s out, I can post an excerpt too

Tectonic plate shifts can bite me

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I have said before that I’m periodically disturbed by the fact that I live in a country that has such a high level of volcanic and earthquake activity. Unfortunate things tend to happen in New Zealand – whole cities get completely flattened by earthquakes, whole landscapes get destroyed by eruptions. This does not please me.

Yesterday morning at 4.30am there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake just outside of Christchurch. Probably due to the time of the morning, no one was hurt (the Hawke’s Bay earthquake which flattened Napier happened at 10.30am, and killed 256 people), which was excellent, but apparently it was pretty scary. The very definition of a rude awakening.

Some of the pictures are really incredible.We’ve got lots of damaged buildings, some incredibly disturbing cracks in the road and ground, and bridges twisted beyond repair.

Mother nature is really incredible, and we are insignificant in comparison.

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