Care and Feeding of Demons

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For the inaugural post in this LJ, I am happy to report that the Care and Feeding of Demons anthology is now out at Torquere Press!

Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to read any of the other stories in the anthology yet, and probably won’t have time to do that until the weekend (it’s just typical that this week would be the week of pressing deadlines at the day job), but I’m sure they’re all completely fabulous.

My story is called “Reasonable Force”, and follows Daniel, a member of an ancient order with God-given powers sworn to protect humans from demons. Grieving the sudden death of his fellow hunter – and secret lover – David, Daniel is bent on self-destruction, courting danger without thought for himself or his Order brethren. His antics attract the attention of the demon Korim, a warrior and an Earl of Hell, commander of demon legions and more than a match for Daniel’s strength.

In celebration of the story being released into the wild, here’s a snippet of our boys’ first meeting:


“You are not flattered that I wished to come and speak to you?”

“Should I be? Who the hell are you?”

“Someone who wishes to know you.”

Daniel felt his lip curl as he sneered. “Oh, spare me. I don’t hook up with random strangers in bars.”

“Is that right?” The smirk was back. “Because I would say you do, if that business in the alleyway last night was any indication of your… proclivities.” The man chuckled. “Or is it that you would rather pay than be paid for?”

Daniel’s face grew hot, and he was glad for the lack of lighting in the bar. “I don’t have to listen to this shit,” he said, and slid out of his seat, putting a hand on the table to push himself up. He was about to step away when strong, warm fingers curled tightly around his wrist.

“Don’t go,” the man said. “We were just starting to have fun.”

Daniel could have had a snappy retort ready, if he hadn’t been distracted by every molecule of his being screaming an alarm. He felt the power within him rise up in response, but it was too much, in too public a place. He clamped down on it as best he could, but he could still feel it raising the hairs on the back of his neck. He lunged forward into the man’s space.

“Let go, demon,” Daniel hissed into his face, “Or I swear to God, I will let you have it with all I’ve got, right here, right now.”




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  1. I’m intrigued 🙂

    • Intrigued is very good! Thanks for taking a look. 🙂

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