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I keep a list of books I read at Goodreads, but it’s just a list, I don’t review there. I don’t actually think I’m very good at reviewing, so I don’t do it in any sort of official way, although you can be pretty sure that if a book makes it on to Goodreads I liked it, because I don’t bother to finish the ones that aren’t doing it for me, and I don’t note the ones I don’t finish down. However, since there’s half an hour left of 2010, I thought I’d jot down some relatively spoiler-free thoughts on the books I read this year that I particularly enjoyed. You shouldn’t expect anything deep and meaningful though.

Hard Fall – James Buchanan
I liked this book, about a young ex-con rock climber and the small-town Mormon cop who falls for him, a lot. Joe has a very distinctive voice, which I really liked. I laughed out loud a few times, but my favourite line is probably this one:

Something just ain’t right about thanking the Lord for sending you an opportunistic pretty boy who carried a string of condoms and single use packets of lube in his pocket.


Waiting in Vain – Charlotte Stein
A woman spends Christmas with her brother’s wife’s family, as she’s done for the past 3 years, but this time is much more interesting, since her sister-in-law’s smoking hot older brother has finally decided to act on the crush he has on her. I loved this short story. I thought it was hilarious, hot as hell but also very sweet.

Death of a Pirate King – Josh Lanyon
Truly and honestly, Josh Lanyon could publish his grocery list and I would read and love it. This one is probably my favourite of this series. Jake is so quietly desperate, and the scenes on the boat at the end are just incredible.

The Dark Tide – Josh Lanyon
This is a very satisfying end to Adrien and Jake’s story. The end of this book is just perfect.

Fair Game – Josh Lanyon
Ah, yeah. Third one in a row. See above re: JL’s grocery list. I adored this story. I loved the way Josh portrayed Tucker’s feelings so clearly without once giving us his point of view. Actually, I just loved Tucker, full stop.

Go Fish – HT Murray
This story of long-time friends getting together is truly hilarious. The point of view character is an absolute classic. Absolutely worth spending time on.

Kindred Hearts – GS Wiley
A charming, gentle historical about Alfie, who would prefer to spend his time going to the theatre rather than interact with people because he stammers, finding love for himself during his quest to find a husband for his ward. I liked this one very much.

Ransom – Lee Rowan
I enjoyed this story so much that I went straight onto the sequel, which is something that I never do, since I prefer not to read too many of the same genre in a row. I particularly liked Captain Smith, but all the characters were likeable (well, the ones who were supposed to be likeable, anyway).

Talk Me Down – Victoria Dahl
This story was very amusing. A woman comes back to the town where she grew up after 10 years away and encounters her brother’s best friend, who she had a crush on when she was 17. She writes erotic novels for a living but keeps it a secret, and it drives him crazy trying to work out what she does. I particularly liked the heroine’s old school friend, who knows that everyone thinks she’s a lesbian because she drives a tow truck, but doesn’t give a crap. I also liked that when the hero finds out that the heroine has a vibrator, after only a moment’s pause he incorporates it into their lovemaking. I haven’t seen that done before, possibly because I don’t read that much contemporary het romance, but regardless, I liked it. I find the trope where the heroine has never had sex/an orgasm before she meets the hero absurd.

What Happens in London – Julia Quinn
Very charming historical about a woman who spies on her neighbour because there’s a rumour going round that he killed his fiancé. All the characters were colourful and interesting, and there were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. Very enjoyable.

So there we go. I was debating getting in the car to go and watch the fireworks, but that would involve effort, and it seems that the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice is on, and if Matthew McFadyen isn’t a reason to stay in, I don’t know what is. Happy new year everyone, and here’s to us all being healthy and happy in 2011.


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