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In its first non-Goodreads review, Raine from Reviews by Jessewave gave Equilibrium 3.75 stars out of 5. In her very fair and balanced review, she describes Equilibrium as having “Great Australian background detail with a real sense of place”, and says:

This book displays a very good breadth of view in beautifully recreating an unusual environment filled with details of different social lives. For me the main hero wasn’t appealing enough to lift the book onto another level. However there is a lot here that is enjoyable and other readers had none of my particular problems with Michael.

Yeah, she didn’t like Michael very much, but that’s totally OK! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I am fully aware of the potentially unlikeable aspects of Michael’s personality, so it’s no surprise to me to find that someone doesn’t like him. She loved Ryan, which is great because I love Ryan too; in fact, my favourite Goodreads review describes Ryan as a “superfine outback cowboy”, which just makes me laugh like a lunatic every time I think about it.

So, yes. Reviews! They never get old, and I appreciate every single one I get.


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