Eyes Wide Shut giveaway at The Romance Studio

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To win a copy of Eyes Wide Shut, the prequel to my upcoming Torquere Press release Rust Red: Galvanized, take a mosey on over to The Romance Studio and comment on this post.

The Romance Studio’s End of Summer Bash

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This weekend I’ll be joining a whole bevy of fabulous authors at The Romance Studio’s End of Summer Bash. I’ll be giving away a copy of Equilibrium, and a copy of Eyes Wide Shut in anticipation of the releast of Rust Red: Galvanized. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

Rust Red Color Box teaser excerpt

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There are three lines published by Torquere Press that I find endlessly inspirational: the Color Box, Spice it Up and Birthstones lines. God I love a theme like that. So when the opportunity to write a Color Box came up, I jumped at the chance. The colour I chose was rust red, and I did that for a very specific reason.

About a year ago I wrote a little story called Eyes Wide Shut, that was part of the Healing Hearts Charity sip blitz in 2010. The characters from that story – Royal Flying Doctors Service physician Adam Taylor and his mining engineer boyfriend Chris Barker – stuck with me, as did the red landscape of the WA outback, and when the call for Color Boxes went out and I saw what had and hadn’t yet been taken, lo, the idea for a sequel to Eyes Wide Shut was born. I’m quite pleased that Adam and Chris’ story gets to continue.

It’s called Rust Red: Galvanized, and it will be out at the end of September.  It’s quite a bit longer than Eyes Wide Shut, clocking in at around 17,000 words. Even though I wrote it a while ago, it’s still early days, since there isn’t even a blurb for it yet. However, I’ve gotten my edits back, so I’ve decided to post a little teaser (although obviously since it’s still in edits, this may or may not appear like this in the final version).

The story picks up 6 months after the end of Eyes Wide Shut. In this excerpt, Adam and Chris are in Surfer’s Paradise visiting Adam’s family. It is Schoolie’s Week, a time when about a million teenagers are in Surfer’s celebrating the end of high school by getting roaring drunk and generally making pests of themselves. The boys have just had their morning nookie interrupted by Adam’s mum. Heh.


Chris had recovered enough from his trauma to come out of the bedroom after breakfast, and he even consented to a dip in the pool in full view of both Adam’s parents, who were reclining in the shade of the verandah. He lay on his stomach on an airbed, his wet hair glistening in the sunshine, and ignored Adam, who swam slowly around him, much like a shark stalking its prey. That was what interrupted sex did for Adam, but he was doomed to not get any satisfaction that day.

Adam completed another circuit around Chris’ airbed, and this time Chris cracked open an eyelid. “Go away.”

“What? I’m not doing anything.”

“Yes, you are. You’re lurking. Plotting.”

Adam rolled his eyes. “Plotting what? My parents are just over there.”

“I don’t know. Something.” Chris rested his chin on his arms. “I wouldn’t put anything past you today.”

Adam rolled his eyes. “Talk about paranoid.” He swam around the airbed once more, and when he came up to Chris’ head again, Chris was still watching him. “Let’s go out tonight, just you and me.”

Chris was silent for a minute. “Where do you want to go?”

Adam shrugged, hanging on to the end of the airbed. “I don’t know. Out to dinner. There are some nice restaurants on the main strip.”

Chris made a face. “Won’t there be a lot of kids out there tonight?”

“Yeah, but we don’t have to go to any pubs. We’ll just go to a restaurant and come home.” Adam tugged on the edge of the airbed. “We’ll just have a nice meal, that’s all.”

“Okay. As long as we go somewhere with as few teenagers as possible.”

Adam nodded. “Deal.” He watched Chris for a moment, then smiled, slowly tugging the airbed around so that Chris’ back was to his parents. He glanced over at the verandah; his father was reading the paper, and his mother was on her feet, heading into the house. “Give us a kiss.”

Chris’ eyes narrowed. “Why?”

“Because I want one.” Adam tugged the edge of the airbed a little. “Come on. We were so rudely interrupted this morning…”

Chris looked over his shoulder, then turned back. “All right, but just a quick one.”

Adam grinned and moved in. “I knew you couldn’t resist me for too long.”

“Whatever. Get over here.” Chris grabbed the back of Adam’s head and kissed him firmly, then tried to push him away. Adam resisted, kissing him again, softly, turning it into something to linger over. It was Chris’ turn to resist that, but after a moment he gave in, his fingers on Adam’s head turning gentle as they stroked through the hair at the nape of Adam’s neck.

“Lunch is ready, boys!” his mother called from the doorway of the house.

Chris groaned quietly, and Adam laughed into Chris’ mouth. He broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against Chris’ as Chris’ fingers tightened around his neck. “It’s just that kind of day today. A frustrating one. This is why we have to get out on our own tonight.”

“We’ve got to do something on our own. Like have cold showers,” Chris said, letting him go and tumbling off the airbed and into the water.


Torquere Press Sale

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Summer’s Starting to Sizzle Sale!

Summer is starting to sizzle out there! So we’re offering 15% off your
purchases from now through the end of day Monday to add to the heat! Just
put ‘sizz2011’ in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere
Books (www.torquerebooks.com) before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your

Sale good now through Monday June 13 at Midnight (est).

Sizzle along with summer with a book from Torquere Press today!

New release day: Charity Sip Blitz

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Today sees the release of the Charity Sip Blitz stories from Torquere Press. Every year during their birthday month, Torquere release a clutch of stories on a particular theme, benefitting a particular charity chosen by Torquere authors. All the royalties from the stories sold get donated, and Torquere match the donations as well. Past charities chosen for the Sip Blitz include the Matthew Shepard Foundation and various GLBT legal organisations. This year’s Blitz charity is Doctors Without Borders, and so the theme of this year’s Sips is Healing Hearts. 🙂

I’ve posted an unofficial blurb for my story, Eyes Wide Shut, before, but here’s the official one:

Adam Taylor liked working for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He didn’t even mind the tiny outback town in Western Australia where he was based. If the downside was doing the regular clinic at the Mount Keith nickel mine where his mining engineer ex-boyfriend Chris Barker worked, well, he’d coped with worse. When a visit from Chris leads to an unexpected encounter, Adam can’t help but hope for things to get back on track.

If Chris couldn’t keep away from Adam, the least he could do was make sure that his redneck workmates never found out. It was better for everyone that way. At least, that’s what he’d thought, until Adam got caught in a mine cave in and Chris thought he was dead. After that, being outed didn’t seem so important anymore. Chris just hoped he’d get a chance to tell Adam that.

Now that it’s out, I can post an excerpt too

Charity Sip Blitz

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I had an incredibly mediocre day at work today, but then I came home to discover that the story that I was talking about in this post was accepted by Torquere to be part of their Charity Sip Blitz in September. This year’s theme is a medical one, and the money raised by these stories will go to Doctors Without Borders, which is a worthy cause.

My story’s called Eyes Wide Shut – it’s set in Western Australia, and it tells the story of Adam Taylor, a doctor with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and Chris Barker, a mining engineer working at the Mount Keith nickel mine. The utterly unofficial and unedited-by-anyone-but-me blurb gives you the gist of it:

Adam Taylor liked working for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He liked helping people and saving lives, and he didn’t even mind the tiny outback town in Western Australia where he was based. If the downside was being rostered on to do the regular clinic at the Mount Keith nickel mine when you knew that your big, burly mining engineer ex-boyfriend Chris Barker would be there, well, that was hardly the fault of the RFDS. Anyway, he’d rescued people stranded down gorges and in the middle of the Gibson Desert, he could do one little clinic. He couldn’t have predicted that he’d end up fucking Chris against the clinic room door during his lunch hour, or that Chris would say he’d call, sending his hopes skyrocketing.

As for Chris, yeah, maybe he couldn’t keep away from Adam, and maybe he should have known better, but it was too late for that. If he couldn’t manage to keep it in his pants, at least he could make sure that his bigoted, narrow-minded, redneck workmates never found out about him and Adam. It wasn’t his fault that pissed Adam off; it was just the way it had to be. At least, that’s what he’d thought, until Adam got called away on an emergency. Until Adam got caught in a mine cave in and Chris thought he was dead. After that, redneck workmates and fears of being outed didn’t seem so important anymore. Chris just hoped he’d get a chance to tell Adam that.

That will probably never appear in public again, so you read it here first, folks.

In conclusion – the best possible end to a shitty day ever.

Care and Feeding of Demons

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For the inaugural post in this LJ, I am happy to report that the Care and Feeding of Demons anthology is now out at Torquere Press!

Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to read any of the other stories in the anthology yet, and probably won’t have time to do that until the weekend (it’s just typical that this week would be the week of pressing deadlines at the day job), but I’m sure they’re all completely fabulous.

My story is called “Reasonable Force”, and follows Daniel, a member of an ancient order with God-given powers sworn to protect humans from demons. Grieving the sudden death of his fellow hunter – and secret lover – David, Daniel is bent on self-destruction, courting danger without thought for himself or his Order brethren. His antics attract the attention of the demon Korim, a warrior and an Earl of Hell, commander of demon legions and more than a match for Daniel’s strength.

In celebration of the story being released into the wild, here’s a snippet of our boys’ first meeting:

Click for a snippet

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